Steel structure installation works in Dobele

Recently, in this year’s second half of Febrary, steel structure installation took place in one of our projects in Dobele. In this project it is planned to succesfully build a production facility complex, which will consist of 5 seperate buildings. Specifically the manufactory plan includes pellet storage tanks, scales (for weighing bulk cargo vehicles entering and leaving the territory), and other less important structures and equipment for production process.

Currently, the foundations and steel frame installations have been completed for the manufacturing facility. Soon enough the external water and sewerage networks as well as the rest of the power grid construction works will be completed.

The industrial building is designed as a one-storey building with dimensions 24.36m x 36.36m and the effective use of its height is 7005m. Walls of the building will be made from sandwich panels – expanded polystyrene, 100 mm in thickness. The projected amount consists of gabled roofing membrane with 120 mm insulation layer, based on 135 mm profiled sheets. While profiled sheets are based on the load-bearing structures of the building.

Most parts of the construction site buildings are planned to finish up with grass harvest season approach.

Fully completed project can be seen here: Grass meal pellet production complex.

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