3D architectural and construction design

The team of PICHE architects are using three dimensional (3D) design method and latest computer simulation programs to create high quality design projects, reduce time spent on design process as well as to save clients financial resources. Regardless of the client’s needs and wishes we guarantee fast and accurate design process for any complexity projects. Thanks to the latest technology, construction projects can be completed without errors and put on time in service. This method allows us to convert 3D visualization, which can be described as data transformation information in images.

Speciality is the main advantage for this system which gives client the ability to understand the complexity of the structure. Simulations can be generated using advanced computer technologies; this also gives us an ability to compare real life situations with the computer generated images. It is very important in the situations when we are working on extremely complicated projects.

New generation design process has many advantages:

1. excludes design error possibilities;
2. shortens the project realizations time;
3. accurate construction planning;
4. guaranteed timely construction site commissioning;

PICHE has developed a system with unique ability to produce architectural drawings, designs, communication equipment, production lines and building systems serving. This type of design practice allows us to communicate in our country and abroad by providing effective and efficient design solutions for any construction project and construction costs. Psychology of PICHE – maximum reduction in construction costs without compromising in terms of the project quality.  

PICHE provides full design and building cycle for industrial building projects – warehouses,storage units, retail spaces, production units, bulk storage warehouses and agricultural buildings, this includes full design cycle – architecture and construction parts of the project.  Established side company – PICHE Innovations – deals with steel structure research, innovations and improvements of steel construction so that they can be used in our building projects. This helps us to maximize clients’ financial economy of resources, shortens design time, maximizes automatically project development meaning minimizing use of human resources.  The result of this cooperation is high quality, safe and economically viable buildings, which are environmentally friendly and cost effective.