“Baltijas ogu kompānija” invests 850,000 Euros in the production plant

The largest producer and distributor of fresh berries and 100% natural juices in Latvia, Baltijas ogu kompānija, has invested 851,308 Euros in the construction of the berry processing plant. The construction of the berry processing plant was entrusted to the construction innovator Piche Ltd. The value of the project, co-funded by the EU, amounts to EUR 851,308. The object was delivered in June of this year.

“This is a significant milestone for us. Thanks to the rapid implementation of the project, we are now able to work with full capacity and supply the whole Baltic market with our produce. We have doubled the berry processing volume and reduced the time between the plant and the consumer. The quality of berries has improved by 10% thanks to the multiple temperature-controlled rooms available. We have also sought to significantly improve the working conditions,” comments Māra Rudzāte, Member of the Board of Baltijas ogu kompānija. The comparison of the amount of sales with the previous year shows a positive growth trend in terms of the amount of berries sold. The fluctuation is within 20-30% on average. “We share the happiness and pride of our customer, Baltijas ogu kompānija in the project we have implemented.

Given the short berry harvest season, the construction had to take place according to a tight schedule and had to be finished by the set date and not a moment later. We applied a number of innovative technologies in this project, for example, road recycling that ensured the required result while reducing the cost,” says Chairman of the Board of Piche Ltd. Pēteris Senkāns.

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