Competitive advantages of PICHE

PICHE is a unique company as we perform all the works by our own efforts. The company employs certified designers, engineers, builders, and has its own construction machinery. By concluding an agreement with us, we provide customers with a complete service, which includes:

  • Creation of sketches and development of optimal solutions;
  • Design of all the sections (including engineering communications);
  • Coordination of all designs and documents in the necessary institutions;
  • Acquisition of building permission;
  • Construction of the object;
  • Utility construction;
  • Author supervision;
  • Commissioning of the object.

We specialize directly in complete design and construction of industrial buildings for more than 11 years providing us with invaluable experience in comparison with others. The offer includes both – non-insulated and insulated hangars and pavilions.

We are the only construction company in Latvia that by its own effort in a 3D BIM environment in one office designs Architecture, Structural, Water, Sewerage, Heating, Ventilation, Conditioning, Gas and Electric engineering networks. We have our own research department which deals with metal, concrete and foundation construction research and innovation, making our buildings more qualitative, safer and more optimal.

The customer receives a single warranty for design and construction works. The customer does not pay for the mistakes made by the designer during the construction process. Our company conducts an internal design audit for the sections of architecture, building construction and engineering networks – it provides the best possible quality of the design. The design is audited by our construction professionals. Our construction engineers are particularly strong in poor geological conditions, as well as in the conditions of bad load-bearing capacity of soil.

PICHE has been using EUROCODE standards in its work for several years, so that our designed constructions are considerably safer. The EUROCODE are a series of 10 European Standards which ensures the safety of calculation and a common approach to the structural design of buildings and performance of civil engineering works. The use of EUROCODE provides on average by 15% a larger margin of safety against excess snow loads which in our latitudes is a very important factor. It also provides the safety margin for the wind load which is by 25% higher compared with the Latvian Construction Standard.

EUROCODE safety concept includes:

  • Manufacturing and testing of raw materials used in accordance with the strict EN standards;
  • Control and testing of the quality of the manufactured constructions;
  • Higher material safety factors;
  • Higher load safety factors applied in the load combinations;
  • High quality requirements for the assembly of steel structures.