International Congress of Architectural Technology (ICAT) 2013

Every year in the end of the March Sheffield Hallam University hosts annual international congress of architectural technology. This year was special as our architect Liva Smitina took part in this congress, she has also graduated from this university with a masters degree in technical architecture in 2011. Liva took part in this congress where she was given a great opportunity to share her experience in technical architecture and industrial building design and construction process.

This conference brought together industry professionals – professors from Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland as well as researchers, architects and building experts. Main subject that was discussed in this congress was latest treads in technical architecture, architectural digitization by the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling), including tablet usage on site meaning that new approach in 2D working drawing production was established including 3D modeling. Congress was divided into three parts – first part was devoted to the construction technologies in theory and practice, the second part was devoted to green and sustainable technologies and third – BIM technologies and practice.

Liva presented PICHE as a company which is step ahead of the other design and construction companies in Latvia, as we frequently use BIM (ArchiCAD), this programme is used to speed up the design process and to avoid the errors that can occur in 2D design process. Great interest was shown by the professors from the universities who wanted to gain detailed information on how to teach BIM. Interesting fact – up until the year of 2016 most of the offices in the UK are required to use BIM as their main modeling tool. It was very interesting to share this experience with the other architectural firms who are currently trying to move from 2D architectural drawings to 3D modeling.