Piche CEO Peteris Senkans at construction site

Company’s key of success depends on the ability to adapt to a wide range of job specifics regardless of person’s job position in the company.

In order to get clear image of work conditions and potential weaknesses during hangar construction process, it’s important to see things from the building site perspective.

To make sure that hangar building process occurs in accordance with the client requirements and quality standards, warehouse construction work is organized not only by the brigadiers and installation managers but also engaged by Piche CEO – Peteris Senkans.

In behalf of the company, Peter is able to not only delegate tasks between the project and department heads in the office but also show initiative by controlling and actively keeping up with the situation on the construction site.

Warehouse project “Innocentrs” is challenging because it consists of a monolithic four-storey high building made from reinforced concrete. Freestanding firewall construction will divide the warehouse into two independent buildings. Firewall will be 12 meters high and more than 50 meters wide.

Employees are the main ingredients for innovation and development in our company, that’s why there are no strict hierarchical boundaries regardless of whether the employee’s responsibilities include designing hangars or building steel structures.

This is a proof that the company “Piche” project implementation process and work coordination is organized at all levels of management.

Peteris Senkans at construction site
Metal warehouse construction Piche
Peteris Senkans Piche CEO