PICHE design and construction innovations

PICHE is an innovative company and does not intend to stop at what has already been achieved. Innovation is a process, and this process is driven by no one else but our staff. That is why we can say that the biggest innovation is the people working on the PICHE team! Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who are competitive in different areas. We believe that the right set of people, with different fields of education, levels of experience and perspectives on life gives the ability to create new, competitive technologies and innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications.
Enthusiasm, perseverance and close cooperation between the information technology and architecture staff, as well as the professionalism of the management, has allowed us to reach new heights of architectural quality using three-dimensional capabilities.

The architecture uses 3D capabilities, which allows speeding up the development of the projects and ensuring a high quality of work. Such a technical base prevents design errors, reduces project development time and enables several architects to share an object and to fully develop it. This, in turn, boosts the potential of the employees and ensures higher quality results. The preparation of project documentation, drawings and lists is much faster due to the automation of the most time-consuming tasks. A big advantage of the exact information about the amount of building materials required. Accordingly, our company prevents shortage or surplus of materials during the construction stage. Saving money and time. Speeding up project development allows moving onto construction quicker, thus allowing the customer to start using the object sooner.

PICHE specialises in rapid-construction metal buildings. Thanks to the precision of the architects, expertise of the engineers and the use of metal structures, we can reduce the construction time by 40% in comparison with traditional design approaches and materials. Metal is a very constructive material, it has a short, precise, rhythmic and coordinated assembly time that allows effectively reducing the working time. Construction is also unaffected by the season or weather.

One of the key requisites of any truly innovative company is a research department. A total of five people (20% of the total office staff) are directly involved in research. This team is constantly in search of new solutions for how to improve building security and reduce construction time without increasing the cost. Thanks to the performance of this team, we are able to offer our customers the best solutions for the best price.