PICHE warehouse and steel structure technologies

When developing business a need for modern equipment or convenient storage space arises. Question remains – how to build a warehouse and how much will it cost? PICHE offers various types of construction projects (including building design stage) in order to promote customer growth.
Cooperation with PICHE starts at the moment when construction idea arises because it the most convenient time to find the best solution for the client’s needs and requirements. PICHE building technologies are used for shopping centres, warehouses, farms, production facilities and other industrial and commercial building projects. We offer both – cold and insulated buildings.

Loadbearing structures are designed according to the EU directives as well as the building regulations depending on the country where the project is carried out. PICHE offers a variety of frame types for the open space buildings- with single or double slope roofs with central pillars that allows you to create separate rooms. Frames in accordance with load calculations are fitted with a decisive step from 5 to 15 meters. The dimensions for the building are not limited.

The key to PICHE success, fast and effective construction is development of new technologies and materials which significantly reduces time needed for the construction at the same time providing high quality standards. PICHE specializes in fast and effective construction which has recently gained increasing responsiveness. Buildings are made from durable steel frames and are surrounded by light envelope. This solution helps us to build different layout, configuration and difficulty buildings. Frame construction method enables client to save up to 40% of overall construction costs comparing to the traditional construction methods. This helps us to provide fast and effective construction at the same time maintaining high quality. In the cases where design of the building is architecturally complicated this will not increase construction time. When using other supporting structures this process will be more time consuming. This type of construction is also the fastest – within a few weeks it is possible to assembly complex configuration buildings. Materials we are using are extremely constructive, it has short, accurate assembly time comparing to the traditional building materials. Our projects are on very high quality meaning that neither weather conditions nor any other aspect can affect it.

Fire resistance and safety is the key element of our products. This is a very important factor in building insurance. Steel frame construction is fire resistant and withstands temperature and humidity fluctuations. In nowadays steel construction production has grown. Technological development has solved major problem of steel – rust, PICHE together with partners in metal corrosion is using two different galvanization technologies – hot-dip galvanizing and zinc spraying. Nowadays protective materials that completely eliminate corrosion are created. It is important that all technological requirements are met. The correct sequence of work carried out will extend design life and will increase the safety of the building.