Agricultural barn, equipment warehouse

Hangar type: 
800 m2
Pelču Rural Territory, Kuldīga Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project, according to the procurement, provided the implementation of the design of the agricultural barn and equipment warehouse.

Before the commencement of construction works, a common 3D model of the steel constructions and  architectural solution of the hangar was developed, where the two sections were combined and checked for compatibility. 

During the hangar construction, the construction works of a zero cycle were carried out. The supply of the  steel constructions and their assembly was performed. Decking of profiled steels for outer walls and roofs were installed and installation of steel structures took place.  Then transparent apertures were installed in the walls  and the gates were assembled. Reinforced concrete structures were used for the floor   according to the loads set in the hangar.

The project implementation works were completed within short terms due also to the fact that PICHE partially contributed financially to the customer which allowed the project to be implemented. The customer is already actively using the constructed hangar, improving the farm performance.

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