Agricultural unheated warehouse

Hangar type: 
1140 m2
Tērvete Rural Territory, Tērvete Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project customer is the agricultural co-operative society, for which, after the results of procurement, the project on the construction of the hangar of the agricultural warehouse for grain storage during the grain threshing period, as well as for the storage of the equipment in other time, was implemented. Thus, the project on two functions within the framework of one hangar was implemented. 

The implementation of the project began with the development of 3D model of the hangar construction. During the development the compatibility of the steel constructions and other hangar constructions was tested as well as project on the details of steel constructions  (MKD) was developed. Also, attention was paid to the solution for the foudation  construction, by offering the customer an improved version for increasing the load-bearing capacity of the foundation constructions in weak soils, as well as for improved usability and longevity. 

During the agricultural warehouse construction period, significant earthworks in order to strengthen the weak soil and to prepare the ground base for the construction of reinforced concrete foundation. The creation of slab-on-grade reinforced concrete foundation construction according to the solution proposed by PICHE, taking into account the customer's specified grain and equipment loads and the loads applied on surface steel constructions. At the next stage of the agricultural warehouse construction, PICHE performed the assembly of the concrete retaining walls along the whole perimeter of the hangar at the height of 2 m and the  covering of steel constructions with profiled steel sheets and filling openings construction.

Despite the difficult ground conditions, the hangar project was implemented within short time, improving the agricultural warehouse quality indicators, especially in the position of the foundation construction. During the project implementation process, a truly successful cooperation with the customer was developed, initially clearly defining that both sides want the same thing - a successful product of the highest quality hangar of agricultural warehouse.

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