Agricultural warehouse, grain storage

Hangar type: 
1625 m2
Gaiķi Rural Territory, Brocēni Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project after the results of the procurement implemented the project on the establishment of an agricultural warehouse. The agricultural warehouse, in accordance with the customer, was designed for grain storage of approximately 8300 m3 of volume. 

The implementation of the project on the construction of the agricultural warehouse was started with the development of a common 3D model. During the design of the agricultural warehouse, the compatibility of the steel constructions and the hangar envelope was set. The structural joints were tested, the solutions for the retaining walls were specified, the work drawings were developed.

During the hangar construction, the complete amount of the works was carried out in accordance with the general contractor contract. The excavation works were performed, the foundation constructions were built for the load-bearing steel frame construction and the designed retaining walls, providing constructive reinforcing outlets for the construction of the retaining wall. After the foundation construction,  the delivery of steel constructions and assembly of steel constructions were performed. The roof was covered with profiled steel sheets. The further work process included the construction of the retaining walls for the agricultural warehouse. The retaining walls for the hangar were built along the whole perimeter at the height of 4m, creating them from the hollow concrete blocks, providing constructive solutions appropriate to the intended load of grain. Finally, outside walls of profiled steel sheets were built, as well as the floor was constructed according to grain and equipment loads. 

The project was implemented according to the originally agreed and specified customer requirements. The customer received the finished product - agricultural warehouse and started planning its operation for grain storage.

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