Bulk cargo warehouse

Hangar type: 
5000 m2
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project customer is the port company to which there was a need for establishing additional bulk cargo warehouses in accordance with the planned volumes. 

Within the framework of the project,  PICHE made a complete design-construction concept execution. The project development was carried out according to the customer-defined information about the internal design of the hangar, the possibilities of steel frame construction, as well as the loads on the constructions from the pressure of the bulk material resulting from the hangar operation. During the work process, a common BIM (Building Information Modeling) was developed.

The relatively large sidewall height and span (width) of 40m of the hangar allowed PICHE once again to make sure of the ability to provide smart solutions in the course of designing, as well as the ability to effectively carry out the installation works of the hangar metal structures also with such dimensions. 

The constructed bulk cargo warehouse allows the customer to significantly increase the amount of material to be stored and to ensure the business growth. It is hoped that the growth with the help of this hangar  will create a need for additional warehouses where the customer again will turn to PICHE.

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