Car repair and service center

Hangar type: 
966 m2
Ozolnieki Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project was aimed to implement the car repair and service centre in accordance with the results of the procurement where PICHE offered the most appropriate solution and costs. 

Before the hangar construction works, a common  3D model of the building was developed, as provided by the application of  BIM (Building Information Modeling) system in the design and construction process. During the hangar design works, a repeated examination of  the planning and constructive solution was carried out, as well as corrections  in accordance with the wishes of the customer were made. 

During the hangar construction, the works were performed in accordance with the general contractor contract. The hangar construction works included: zero cycle construction, assembly of steel constructions, installation of exterior wall sandwich panels, roof structure construction, floor construction works, etc. Inside the hangar, administrative premises were built and the hangar division into separate working areas with different operational meaning were performed. In parallel, the construction of internal and external engineering networks, access roads and squares was performed. 

Despite the fact that during the construction PICHE had to find solutions due to the relatively complex planning of the hangar, the project was implemented and completed and is now actively operated by the customer.

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