Car wash

Hangar type: 
400 m2
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The customer intends to use the constructed hangar for the service of washing heavy machinery. The design of the hangar included the equipment washing zone, the employee recreation zone and the equipment technical zone. 

The works were started with the design works where a precise design of a hangar of metal structures was developed  according to the customer preferences. The customer initially clearly defined the function of the hangar clearly defined function according to which  PICHE carried out the planning of an internal height, floor load-bearing capacity, metal structures and other positions. After drafting, the project was coordinated with the customer, then with the competent national authorities, receiving permission to start the hangar construction works.  

During the process of the hangar construction works,  the building of the foundations, the installation of metal structures,  wall and roof and roof sandwich panel assembly, installing windows and gates into the external walls as well as the floor construction according to the defined load were carried out. Upon completion of the works, the hangar was cleaned up and was transferred to the customer. After the customer acceptance, the hangar was put into operation.  

The customer and also the employees of the company may ultimately be satisfied that the works like washing the equipment can be performed in a new way and also in winter conditions – doing it in hot washer, improving  working conditions and the productivity of the following works.

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