Farm equipment storage

Hangar type: 
360 m2
Silajāņi Rural Territory, Riebiņi Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project provided for design and construction works of the hangar of farm equipment storage within the framework of one contract. The designer undertook to implement the project from its concept to commissioning. 

During the design process, the project on the metal structures of the hangar was developed. The most relevant  tones of profiled steel sheets for the outer walls, their specification, the required  bearing capacity of the existing floor and other requirements of the customer were defined. These requirements were subsequently included in the task according to  which PICHE developed the project ready for construction. Before construction works, the project was coordinated with the customer, providing the use of a 3D model on this project to make the evaluation of the project more realistic by the better understanding of the building dimensions, opportunities and compliance with the expectations.

During the further stage of the project, after the coordination of the hangar model  with the customer,  the project was implemented in nature and the hangar construction works were performed. The building of the foundations, the installation of metal structures,  wall and roof sheets, the floor construction in accordance with the load, etc. were carried out. 

Currently, the customer is already actively using this hangar and the equipment placed in the hangar  will now be able to serve longer, providing a stable growth of the farm in the future.

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