Grain and agricultural machinery warehouse

Hangar type: 
1050 m2
Jaunbērzes Rural territory, Dobele Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The aim of the project is to construct the hangar which would perform two functions - agricultural warehouse and equipment storage. This hangar allows the customer to store grain during the threshing period and to store equipment in other time. 

The implementation of the project began with the design works, development of the hangar steel constructions and architectural models, as well as the development of a common  3D environment model. During the hangar design, the planning of the building was carried out. The building was divided into three zones. The largest zone was provided for the establishment of grain storage warehouse with  the concrete retaining walls along the whole perimeter of the hangar at the height of 2 m. The other agricultural storage zone was provided for the establishment of insulated warehouse which could be used also as an equipment repair shop. The third zone was provided for the establishment of an open shed for storage needs. 

The hangar construction works were started with usual earthworks and assembly of concrete foundation construction. After the creation of the foundation constructions, the assembly of steel constructions is performed. Then the hangar is  covered with profiled steel sheet cladding  in non-insulated zone and sandwich panels insulated zone. For the non-insulated part of the agricultural warehouse before the assebly of sheets, PICHE performed the construction of concrete retaining walls. General construction works and hangar construction were concluded with mounting the reinforced floor structure in compliance with the planned material and equipment loads, as well as with the window and gate assembly. In addition, engineering connections, internal engineering networks of the hangar and cobblestone square at the hangar were built.  

PICHE in the construction of  of the agricultural warehouse tried to use the folding-type constructions as much as possible, which provided the performance of works within short terms, reducing the cost.

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