Grain storage warehouse

Hangar type: 
660 m2
Code Rural Territory, Bauska Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

Within the framework of the project, the hangar of grain storage warehouse with partial equipment storage function was constructed. 

Before the commencement of works, a detailed 3D model of the building was developed, including steel constructions, the hangar exterior architecture, testing the compatibility of solutions that further considerably facilitated and speeded up the hangar construction works. The hangar project included steel construction frame that was sheathed with steel profiled sheets to the roof and walls. The floor was constructed of reinforced concrete in accordance with the planned load of the building material to be stored and the equipment loads, which affect the longevity of the floor.

During the hangar construction,  a complete working cycle was carried out. The foundations were constructed, the steel construction assembly was performed, the walls, roof and filling openings were constructed, the floor structures were installed. Particular attention was drawn to the adjacent grain storage silos, thereby the design and assembly processes required high accuracy. PICHE succeeded in this.   

As it was initially agreed with the customer, the customer received the desired ready-made end product - the grain storage warehouse corresponding to all the requirements set by the customer and  immediately started to operate it.

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