Grain storage warehouse

Hangar type: 
1485 m2
Tadaiķi Rural Territory, Durbe Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

Within the framework of the project on the grain storage warehouse, a hangar was constructed which consisted of steel constructions metal structures sheathed with steel profiled sheets and retaining walls built around the perimeter.

Starting the implementation of the project on the grain storage warehouse, at the beginning, the building project model was developed. Work drawings were developed and the design solutions and their compliance with the planned load was tested. For the hangar construction needs, detailed materials specifications and their supply plan were developed.  The construction work planning as a whole was carried out.

After completion of the preparatory works, the construction of the hangar of the agricultural warehouse was started. At the beginning, as usual, excavation works were performed and the foundation constructions were built. Taking into account the constructive solutions for the project and the soil conditions, as well as the fact that the steel constructions were planned to be supported by the retaining walls of the warehouse, it was decided to use a reinforced concrete slab for the hangar foundations. As the result, a reinforced concrete slab with the designed constructive reinforcing outlets for connecting the retaining walls and foundation slab. After the construction of the hangar foundation slab, the construction of the retaining walls at the height of 4 m was carried out, making them from the hollow concrete blocks which were mutually reinforced and filled with grout. Above the wall the assembly of steel constructions and cladding with profiled steel sheets took place. Finally, the floor was constructed according to grain and equipment loads. 

Despite certain difficulties in the construction process in connection with the relatively heavy soil conditions, the project was fully implemented in accordance with the original agreement. 

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