Household waste recycling terminal

Hangar type: 
1700 m2
Ogresgals Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project of the household waste sorting centre where PICHE performs the design works and the following hangar construction works.

The project provided the design of the non-insulated hangar and the construction of the steel structure frame sheathed with steel profiled sheets on the walls and the roof. Inside the hangar, the waste sorting equipments were placed, providing a precise design and installation of metal constructions, as well as the creation of technological potholes in the reinforced concrete floor of the building. In this respect, the ability of PICHE to design in a 3D environment, bringing together all sections of the project in one BIM (Building Information Modeling) in determining the compatibility of these sections, avoiding errors during the construction, was very useful.  

The hangar construction works on the basis of the works carried out in the design and the project tests have been performed quickly and smoothly which made it possible to submit the project to the Customer faster than planned. 

This project once again proved that accurate performance of design work prior to execution of the construction works, performing them also within the framework of BIM systems, makes it possible to execute construction works much more accurately and faster which eventually gives satisfaction to PICHE and creates positive emotions to the customer.

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