Production and warehouse building

Hangar type: 
1434 m2
Stopiņi Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project aimed to perform design-construction works within the framework of the concept, starting from the customer's idea to the hangar to the full project commissioning. 

During the hangar design, the task consisted of the creation of the production according to the customer order. In one end of the hangar,  administrative premises were located, providing the premises for the office and workshop employees (showers, toilets, dressing rooms). The steel constructions were designed taking into account the the deployable hoists, able to move throughout the length of the building. The soil conditions for the implementation of the design were bad. The PICHE engineers developed a constructive solution of foundation building suitable for the unfavorable soil conditions. 

In the course of the construction, the complete scope of works  was carried out  under the contract concluded with the general contractor. The foundation works were carried out by lowering the groundwater level and replacing the soil according to the foundation solution proposed by the engineers. Then the works of  assembly of steel constructions, installation of sandwich panels,  construction of roof structures were performed.  In parallel, the works of engineering network construction and improvement were executed.  

During the construction of the hangar, in the process of installing steel constructions, particular attention was paid to the placement compliance of the steel constructions and vertical position according to the project. The designed hangar hoist at the length of the building needed a special accuracy because moving away from the project planned vertical position, the hoist would not be able to move and function. During the  foundation construction, the  PICHE employees found the spring which was not detected by the engineers during the research works. PICHE managed to quickly find solutions, to reschedule works and to solve the problem with the minimum of additional resources. 

Despite the difficult ground conditions and additional surprises, as well as the structural characteristics, by using  the abilities of BIM system, PICHE managed to implement the project in a high quality and in accordance with the original arrangements. Invaluable experience was accumulated in dealing with difficult ground conditions and particularly precise assembly of steel constructions.

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