Timber processing workshop

Hangar type: 
680 m2
Ugāle Rural Territory, Ventspils Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The customer is the forestry company  for which the design of the steel frame constructions hangar was implemented for production needs. During the hangar operation, the customer intended to sort logs for using them for production of packaging material. Thus, during the project implementation process, the hangar was built which was divided only into two areas – the administrative area and the production area which occupied the largest part of the hangar. 

According to the contract which provided for the work performance from the hangar design to putting it into service initially design works were commenced,  an accurate 3D model for the hangar was developed, providing division of premises, metal structure dimensions, wall and roof constructions, accurately developing all steel construction joints and and examining their compliance and rationality. 

Due to the detailed design and the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) System, PICHE managed to implement the hangar design within short terms and in high quality. The construction works were initially started with a zero cycle, moving on to the assembly of metal structures. Consequently, the wall and roof construction works were performed, including the opening fillings (windows, doors, gates). Finally, the construction of the floors was performed. Although the customer during the construction period made certain constructive changes, these changes were quickly resolved and the hangar was built without a hitch, proving the experience and sense of comfort of the PICHE design and construction department in implemitation of such projects. experience and comfort of such projects. 

After the building was placed in service, the customer immediately started its operation. The log sorting and packaging production lines were placed in the hangar, providing capacity of at least 4 000 m3 concerning  the volume of recovered roundwood. This is an important contribution to the customer's business growth and PICHE is delighted that this is also due to its activities.

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