Vegetable storage warehouse

Hangar type: 
2517 m2
Lizums Rural Territory, Gulbene Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project consisted of three hangars - newly erected production  building, newly erected warehouse buildings and warehouse reconstruction. During the implementation of the project,  design and  construction works were carried out.

Before the start of the design, a 3D survey was performed for the buildings to which the connection of newly erected buildings was planned, as well as for the building to be reconstructed, to determine the current state of the reinforced concrete frame. Consequently, in a 3D environment, the development of the  common models was carried out, combining steel frame construction and architectural solutions, and creating accurate connections to the existing buildings. Much attention was devoted to the creation of  linkage assemblies of the new newly erected and the existing buildings to reduce the effects of thermal bridges as much as possible, as well as to ensure maximum connection tightness. The importance of these positions  during the design was also determined by the expected law temperature in the building.  

During the hangar construction,  all the works were carried out in accordance with the general contractor contract. Excavation works were performed and the foundation constructions were built, choosing the most appropriate solutions for each variant. When performong the works of the foundation construction and assembly of steel constructions increased attention was paid to the mutual position of the new and the existing constructions according to the project and the developed BIM model. After the performance of assembly of steel constructions, the  hangars were sheathed with sandwich panels, providing accurate filling of the joints. The following works were performed for opening filling constructions. Finally, the floor was constructed according to the warehouse, and manufacturing process loads. 

Taking into account the specifics of the hangars, their connection to the existing buildings, PICHE was able to offer smart solutions to the customer, providing appropriate costs. PICHE is pleased with the work done and the experience gained and hopes that by the future projects it will be able to help the customer in its business development.

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