Warehouse for finished products

Hangar type: 
400 m2
Skrīveri, Skrīveri Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project was implemented for the well known Latvian sweets producer by establishing a warehouse building connecting it with the existing commercial and industrial building. 

The project provided the work within the framework of the design-construction contract which was originally developed as a reconstruction project as it was planned to connect the new hangar with the existing buildings, providing the common operation of all the buildings. The customer initially defined the function of the hangar, indicating that in the hangar,  the storage shelving system will be used for storage of products. On the vasis of this task, PICHE developed a precise hangar concept, providing the optimal internal height and the hangar geometry for a definite number of pallets. In this way, the maximum rational use of the hangar areas and capacity was ensured, providing also the most efficient use of financial resources for implementation of the hangar.

Before the start of the design, the survey of the existing building  was carried out in the 3D environment. Consequently, the new hangar steel constructions were designed by precise assessment of the existing building geometry. The steel constructions and the hangar architecture were formed in the common BIM (Building Information Modeling). The joints of the connection of the new hangar and the existing building were precisely worked out  and the new steel constructions were precisely connected which is very important for the reconstruction projects in which connection to the existing building is particularly important. 

In the process of the hangar construction works, taking into account that the existing building is located high above the surrounding area, the works for heightening the floor level of the new hangar were carried out  by connecting presisely the floor levels.  Special attention  was directed to the uncovering of the plinth construction of the building and the  construction of the foundations of the new hangar in this area, as well as the assembly of the steel constructions, accurately taking the external shape and contoures of the existing building. This increased accuracy was also applied to the connection of the wall sandwich panels and roof structures to the existing building. This was done according to the designed structural joints in order to reduce  the impact of thermal bridges and ensure maximum compatibility - tightness. 

The reconstructed hangar in terms of volume is relatively small, but the implemented connection to the existing building made it really interesting, and allowed PICHE once again test its capabilities, reaching a high precision in design and assembly of steel constructions. The PICHE team is really pleased with the work done and the results, and after the assessment of co-operation, it is hoped that the customer will invited PICHE to participate in  hangar projects. 

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