Wood pallet production building and warehouse

Hangar type: 
1963 m2
Ulbroka, Stopiņi Municipality
Contract type: 
General contractor
Works carried out: 

The project customer is one of the largest wood pallet production companies in Latvia. During the implementation of the project, a production plant (size: 1200m2),  a finished product warehouse (size: 763m2), internal and external engineering networks, squares (size: 8 000 m2) and other additional structures, such as 140 m long reinforced concrete retaining wall to ensure the functionality of the project.

In the project planning and development, the PICHE task was to acquire the vacant area in which to place two hangars of metal constructions, one of which was provided for the production needs, the other – for the raw material and finished product warehouse. When planning and designing the production hangar, the customer expressed the desire to design a 3D environment, allowing precise placement of the equipments in the building  in cooperation with the equipment suppliers. The customer was very satisfied with the use of 3D and BIM (Building Information Modeling)  system during the construction process, when providing additional area of the 2nd floor PICHE managed to accurately place the additional metal structures in the narrow place, avoiding obstacles during the execution of the customer's wishes. 

During the hangar construction, major earthworks, and surface transformation were carried out, providing the compatibility of the new and existing buildings around and the access roads for supplying the production raw materials. During the construction period, the project underwent changes and addition items according to the customer preferences were introduced. By mutual cooperation between the customer and PICHE construction management, architects, engineers it was always possible to find quick solutions in the project situations. The construction process was also carried out in winter, precisely planning the works according to the weather conditions. 

Currently hangars are used for a full day, providing the customer company's growth, moving forward and, probably, the plans for further development together with PICHE.

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