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Procurement Project Manager in China

Your superpowers

• Experience and/or education in the field of construction;

• Experience in engineering;

• Good communication and reasoning skills;

• Ability to find the best offer;

• Excellent knowledge of English;

• Driver's license;

• Ability to work independently.

We offer you

• Competitive salary: 7700 - 11500 CNY gross, considering your experience and skills;

• Work in a modern, powerful and rapidly growing Latvian company with great growth opportunities;

• Possibilities for qualification improvement, training.

Job Description

• Organize and control the procurement process for construction materials;

• Cooperation with local and international suppliers;

• Conducting and analyzing price surveys, project optimization;

• Planning and organizing the delivery of goods.


18 years ago I wrote 5 values and that's how the name PICHE was born. All these years these values have guided everything we do and how we do it, only now can I realize how important it is. I am encouraged and grateful that these values are equally important to each of you. Can you imagine how powerful Latvia would be if it also had the same values? We would be the most powerful nation in the world.

- P. Senkans

What is work?

For us, it is an opportunity to make life meaningful.

We don't create jobs, we create space for opportunity. A place to grow together and make our country better.


Work is the power of community

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