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In numbers

Available area in warehouses

0 m²


Available area in the offices

0 m²


Park The total area

21 000 m²


Co² optimization

The lowest CO² emissions per square meter of building in the industry. Our buildings are almost CO² neutral during construction and operation.

Solar energy

Taking care of a sustainable world, solar panels are placed on each of the roofs of the park to save energy.

Electric charging

Electric cars are gaining more and more popularity in the world, so there are charging stations at each of the park entrances.

Wall and roof insulation

The thickest wall and roof thermal insulation in the industry. Walls 160mm PIR  panels and roof 320mm wool.

LED 3 sensor lights

The latest generation LED lighting provides the most optimal energy consumption. Programmable, dimmable, automated, 95% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Dock gate

Energy-saving dock gates that close to the ground cover, thus neutralizing heat loss and cold bridges.

NextGen fan heaters

With economical EC type motors. Provides the lowest heating costs  and 1-2 degree temperature difference between floor and ceiling temperature.


We are always looking for new ways to mitigate

impact on the environment and optimize your expenses

Roof terrace

For work in the fresh air, for a leisurely lunch,

for leisure and work events

Seamless floors

In our standard, we build floors with a load capacity of 7 tons/m2. If necessary, the load can be increased.

10M ceiling height

The tie-free system allows you to place pallets  up to the ceiling. Providing 20% more capacity than others in the industry.

Column arrangement

The most efficient arrangement with the possibility of creating both wide and narrow aisle shelves, providing 30% more pallet space.

2MW electricity

And all the necessary power for production.

Contactless key

Access system with contactless cards and telephone. Reports on time spent at work and control of employee access to premises at certain times.

Smart management

Warehouses are controlled through smart management via a tablet. Room temperature, light control and other elements.

Security system

Advanced security system for the building and territory. Video prevention and smart alarm. Your business is safe 24/7.

Free advertising

To promote the recognition of your brand, we offer free advertising space on the facade. ​


Latvia's most energy-efficient industrial premises,  

which we will adapt directly to the needs of your company

Office premises

The smartest offices in Latvia

Modern design, with sound insulation package

Glass partitions

The offices are equipped with glass partitions. For partitioning and soundproofing. Aesthetically modern office feel.

Individual recuperation

An individual recuperation system has been installed so that it is possible to regulate the air supply to each office separately.

Heating/Cooling in floors

The office is equipped with warm floors that warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.


Each office room is equipped with a thermostat. It is possible to set the temperature individually in each of the cabinets.

Office in warehouse

We offer non-standard office construction in warehouse premises.

Optical internet

All offices are equipped with the fastest possible Internet connection up to 1000 Mbit/s 

Free parking

Each company is allocated a certain number of free parking spaces so that employees and customers always have a place to park their car.



Room layout adjusted

directly for your company

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